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PhD Graduate Experiences "Best of Both Worlds"

2017/04/19 10:38:46 AM

For doctoral graduate Dr Kriyanka Moodley her PhD journey has resulted in a career in academia and the market research industry.

Dr Kriyanka Moodley.

For doctoral graduate Dr Kriyanka Moodley her PhD journey has resulted in a career in academia and the market research industry.

Moodley who worked as a Research Assistant at the College of Law and Management Studies and Teaching and Learning Office during her studies, is currently working on building her own company.

‘From the onset of my PhD journey I knew I wanted the best of both worlds. I did not want to pick academia or industry- so I am doing both. I feel that my PhD is only the beginning of my career in academia. For me this PhD was a “research apprenticeship". I am now currently at the bottom of the academic food chain and have a lot to learn, I also want to share and continue my research,’ said Moodley.

Through her research, which explores the connection to the larger cultural narrative of separatism and the suffering this spawns collectively, and currently Moodley aims to contribute to knowledge on the underlying structural basis for Eco-system awareness emergence. The study was supervised by Professor Kriben Pillay.

‘The turn to embracing Eco-system Awareness mirrors the greater connectivity that is inherent within us, but which is obscured by this cultural narrative. The selected model Theory U, deals with forms of introspection and attention-based practice that help restore this connection to the greater whole,’ says Moodley.

‘One of the biggest challenges for me was that I was constantly feeling the need to think like someone who was older opposed to a 20 something year old. Once I started contextualizing my own experience I began to see the depth and boldness of my own research. While the research is based on self-reflections it was not about me but more about the platform that I had to explore this intriguing and complex area.’

Looking to the future, Moodley who recently got engaged to her fiancé Nishkar Maharaj looks forward to using her qualification to grow her career. She acknowledges that she could not have achieved this success without the support of her family, the valuable guidance of her supervisor and the support of her former colleagues in the College of Law and Management Studies.

Thandiwe Jumo

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