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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UKZN MBA accredited?
Yes, the Council for Higher Education (CHE) has granted full accreditation to the MBA programme.  View the CHE website click here.

How will having an MBA help me in my career development?
An MBA provides you with broad based business skills and the ability to effectively operate within a business environment. It enables you to interpret the future in a more informed and sensible way and empowers you to make superior choices in all aspects of your life. The degree will be your passport to new opportunities in your career path, either higher up in your current organisation, laterally into a new organisation, or in starting your OWN organisation. MBA graduates are skilled, confident, able and respected.

Why should I choose the UKZN MBA programme?
“UKZN was the natural, logical choice for me. My first two degrees were obtained from this noble institution, so it only made sense for me to return here to do my MBA. UKZN has a culture of academic and service excellence which is very difficult to find elsewhere. In addition, the institution has a track record for dedication and commitment to its students in terms of academic and other forms of support. This institution is also renowned for producing world-class research and academics. I would not have done it anywhere else!” 

    Dr Laurel King 
    Specialist Psychiatrist 
    Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre, Durban 
    MBA 3 Student 2010

”It allows one the opportunity to personally and critically engage on a regular basis with highly skilled lecturers, and a wonderful diversity of fellow students. I feel you learn and grow from these interactions even more than the study material permits. Another advantage is that when times get difficult, you gain tremendous support from these interactions. The lectures themselves, and friends made through these, have all left me with many fond memories that makes all the long hours and hard work seem worth it, in the end.” 

    Laura Wojtulewicz 
    MBA 3 Student 2010

“This university ensures the intellectual capacity of students is developed to fulfil our ambitions and assume responsibility for leading society. The UKZN Graduate School of Business MBA programme is fully accredited by the South African Council for Higher Education. I would like to highlight the fact that UKZN’s Annual Report won the 2007-2008 Association of Commonwealth Universities PR, Marketing and Communications Award. What also speaks volumes to me is the fact that a UKZN academic is appointed into the International Mathematics Body executive committee. The strive towards academic excellence in this university is paramount irrespective! The support students receive from university GSB staff is invaluable and this assists in making your academic journey here smooth sailing. The MBA programme is intricately designed to incorporate a mixture of sound theory with first-hand practical experience and industry knowledge to produce a graduate that is holistically prepared for the challenging outside world. This is made possible due to the high quality lecturers, some of which are academics while the part-time lecturers are high profile members in industry. I chose UKZN!” 

    Ashnie Sunkur 
    MBA Graduate (2008) 

I wish to pursue a career in the public sector. Is an MBA the right qualification for me?
The skills required to operate effectively in both the public and private sectors are similar, especially as the public sector is increasingly demanding performance based employees. However, few public sector MBA students remain in this sector after graduation as they tend to find themselves drawn to the private sector.

I am an entrepreneur and do not wish to enter ‘big business’. Will the MBA have any value for me?
Yes, the MBA offers you great value. The MBA will strengthen your confidence and you will better understand the world of business. It offers you real business skills that will act as a strong foundation for all your business ventures. You will know what economic variables to keep your eye on, you will be able to read the trends and you will have the knowledge to interpret them.

I have an undergraduate degree and honour, but it is not a business related degree. Can I apply to study an MBA?
Yes, the MBA is a broad based business degree, not a technical degree. Its focus is on business skills that can be adapted to any business environment.

Is studying an MBA really as difficult as people say it is?
A student who has set his / her goals and is appropriately motivated will find the MBA programme neither tough nor difficult, but enjoyable. The student needs to have perseverance, discipline, a propensity to read and the courage to think. Without a great measure of all four of these areas, the programme will be largely unfathomable. Family support is a great advantage.

Can I study an MBA at the Pietermaritzburg Campus, UKZN?
No, the UKZN MBA programme is only offered at the Westville Campus.  Students have to attend lectures at the Westville Campus.

Can I study an MBA distance learning?
No, the UKZN MBA programme is offered in contact mode only.  Students have to come to the Westville Campus to attend lectures.

Does completion of the MDP gain one entry on to the MBA?
No, the MDP is a stand alone programme. Applicants wishing to study the MBA need to meet the specified MBA entry criteria.

What qualification will I receive on completion of the MDP?
Students who successfully complete the MDP will receive a certificate.