PhD Study Contributes to the Development of an Entrepreneurship Policy in Malawi

Limited structural transformation of Malawi’s economy has resulted in underemployment and unemployment.

This motivated lecturer at Malawi College of Accountancy, Dr Nelson Ndala to conduct a study that explored the use of strategic choice theory to develop an entrepreneurship policy for the country. He was awarded a PhD in Business Administration by UKZN.

Working with Professor Theuns Pelser of UKZN’s Graduate School of Business and Leadership, Ndala’s study aimed to contribute to the development of a policy to promote entrepreneurship education and training (EET) and small business development in Malawi. His research will also contribute to improving the EET offered by the country’s tertiary institutions.

The study found that the current small and medium enterprise (SME) policy and EET have failed to promote small business development in the country. Recommendations of the study include the recruitment of Entrepreneurship Development Officers in district or local authorities; the creation of an SME development bank; the introduction of entrepreneurship education at secondary and senior primary school levels; compulsory entrepreneurship education at tertiary education level; subsidised lending rates to SMEs by commercial banks; continuous engagement through conferences on entrepreneurship development; and the review of SME Law and Regulatory Framework.

The concept of EET is relatively new in Malawi, having existed for approximately 15 years. Ndala thus plans to conduct further research on entrepreneurship and EET to promote the development and survival of small businesses in the country. He said: ‘The SME Policy for Malawi expired in 2017, so, I also intend to contribute to the development of a new policy.’

Ndala is grateful to his family and his supervisor for their unwavering support during the arduous but rewarding doctoral journey.

Words: Hazel Langa

Photograph: Abhi Indarajan

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