Graduate School of Business
and Leadership

Doctoral Programmes

Before proceeding with your online application please ensure that you have prepared the following certified supporting documents for uploading with your application
  1. Brief curriculum vitae which should include details of your current work situation and any research-related activities including publications (e.g. articles, reports) that you may have (co)authored,
  2. Cover letter (indicate in your covering letter which of the Graduate School of Business and Leadership Academic staff members you have consulted regarding your intended research. Staff list here You may also suggest whom you would like to work with as the promoter of your study. If you do not know any Graduate School of Business & Leadership staff, then indicate in your recommendation what kind of expertise you would consider to be appropriate to support your studies.)
  3.  5 page description of the research that you intend to pursue for the PhD studies  eg form 
  4.  A copy of your academic record, especially the results obtained for your Honors and Master’s degree (for example the results for course work and the research components where applicable)
  5. A photo-copy of the abstract of your masters research dissertation
  6. Certified copies of Degree certificates
  7.  Certified copy of I.D /Passport 
  8. SAQA approval letter for International Applicants
International students require a SAQA evaluation certificate to evaluate your degree according to South African standards. In this regard please contact SAQA direct on 012-4315000 or