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Short Courses and Outreach Courses

Short Courses and Community Outreach Courses

In today’s globalized and integrated world, leaders and professionals have to engage in continuous professional development, within the paradigm of life-long learning and reflexive theory and practice, to meet contemporary societal and organizational challenges.

Short course interventions are an integral component of holistic professional development.

The Graduate School of Business and Leadership in conjunction with the UKZN Extended Learning offer the following portfolio of short courses:

Competent Project Management

This course provides an objective overview of Project Management from a practical business perspective: from initial conceptualisation, to planning, to implementation and subsequent evaluation. Increasingly, projects are seen as a vehicle for accomplishing tasks and meeting objectives in competitive markets, to address customer and organisational needs. The role of the project manager is being re-defined to ensure the successful completion of corporate and major capital projects. Delegates attending the course will have the opportunity to develop practical skills for use directly on their return to the organisation.

Competent Project Management

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM)

Are you in Sales and Marketing, Warehousing and Logistics, Engineering, Operations, Human Resources, or perhaps in another non-financial management role? If so, this course is for you! Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM) is designed to develop financial literacy and create a better understanding of your contribution to strategic decision making.

This course aims to unscrabble the conundrums of reading financial statements, capital budgeting and the importance of cash flow. It will provide a more structured approach to sales and product forecasting, budgeting, and measurement of performance against budgets. This course will empower you, and give you confidence when communicating with accounting and finance people in your organisation.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Management Development Programme (MDP)

The Management Development Programme (MDP) provides companies with the opportunity to grow the potential of new and aspiring managers. These employees are often tasked with taking short to middle-term decisions and need skills and knowledge to make effective decisions. This programme is designed to facilitate an understanding of, and the ability to integrate and apply the key competencies required for each of the functional areas of business.

The MDP is a practical programme aimed at empowering the middle manager and providing a platform to facilitate his/her development within their business environment. It is largely learner centred, drawing on participants’ experience and inherent ability to mould valuable leadership traits.

Management Development Programme

Managing for Impact Programme (MIP)

New and developing managers need both content and process skills and knowledge to manage effectively in their organisations. They typically have some expertise in a specia list field before being appointed to a management position and have not had the opportunity to develop people management and process skills to optimise productivity and performance in their organisations. Delegates attending the MIP will learn about delivering results for impact through people in a competitive business and market environment. The programme is designed to provide new managers with opportunities to develop their skills and confidence, to be effective in their role as managers.

Managing for Impact Programme

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