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Professor Colette-

Professor Colette Muller

Acting Dean and Head of the GSB&L

Welcome to the Graduate School of Business & Leadership (GSB&L), a place where you will connect to your future through engaged alumni and a faculty passionate about teaching. The GSB&L has an established track record in providing management education and training to business and public sectors. Based on both high-quality scientific research and intensive corporate relations, we give our students up-to-date education that combines extensive theoretical studies with experience of real business life.

You will create value by possessing a deep understanding of a global business climate that is dynamic, multifaceted and perpetually changing and by possessing the analytical skills necessary to solve the problems that arise in such a world. You will create value through your ability to work in team environments, across cultures and to communicate comfortably and effectively. Finally, you will become a value creator by possessing a world-view that is ethically driven and a value system that is, in part, formed by your appreciation of both the opportunities and the limitations of business in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

As the GSB&L we invite you to explore our website, be part of our community and look forward to the opportunity to meet and engage with you.

Warm Regards,

The GSB&L Management Team

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